Friday, February 5, 2010

Iceworks at Paddington

So, as you may have noticed, I've been hanging around down town Paddo (in Brisbane people!) a fair bit lately. Getting back to my roots, some may say.

I can remember a bit of buzz surrounding the opening of iceworks. I headed down and grabbed a meal and a couple of cocktails and was pretty impressed. In 2008, I decided to book my birthday dinner at iceworks only to rock up with my whole family, to be told they had no electricity. Not cool. I know this wasn't their fault but still, I was disappointed.

I hadn't really ventured back to iceworks since then, not because I was scared of blackouts, but because I had simply had forgotten about it.

I've been trying to branch out and head to places in Paddo that aren't Simpatico. So when A from EatDrinkBrisbane and I were deciding where to go one idle Friday arvo, iceworks was selected. Iceworks has been only open for maybe 18 months and is diagonally accross from Suncorp Station or for the bogans among you, across the road from the Paddo.

Iceworks offers three different dining options. The Restaurant menu, Peak Dining Menu and Dowse Bar menu. We decided to go with the regular restaurant.

I arrived at Iceworks a little earlier than A, and I have to say the reaction was .. (pun intended) a little icy. The staff seemed to be a little too busy stacking the fridges to notice me, and when they did, there was no warm reception. Ok I'll try and stop with the temperature jokes, but they are so easy.

I was cooly (here I go again) showed my table, and ordered a Mojito whilst I was waiting for A. From what I can remember, this menu has much more robust options than when I dined before. When A arrived, we shared some turkish bread with tomato kasundi dip. A ordered a roast pumpkin and confit onion pizza whilst I decided on the braised beef cheek lasagne.

My mojito was pedestrian. The mint and lime combo was overpowered by the alcohol's scent and flavour. It was however, very fresh and could do with a touch more lime. For the $17 price range, I would expect a little more finesse.

The bread ($8) arrived and was pretty ordinary. The bread tasted stale and the tomato kasundi dip basically tasted like tomato pasta sauce out of a bottle. I was expecting the zing of mustard seeds, ginger and chilli - but there was really no flavour.

A liked her pizza. The base was really thin but she would have liked the garlic, rosemary and pecorino to have been more pronounced to add more flavour.

The salad accompanying my lasagne was tasty. Rocket, red onion and tomato topped with a dressing which also contained parmesan had a nice kick and left me wanting more.

The lasagne (about $22) itself was a good size. I hate ordering something like lasagne, only to receive a massive portion of something, that tastes like nothing. The beef cheek was a nice touch, but the lasagne overall was a little bland. I would have preferred less cheese and extra beef- but maybe that's just the carnivore within talking!! Overall, it wasn't an unpleasant dish- it just didn't set off the fireworks.

I think Iceworks has more potential than what was exhibited on the night. There is a good range of cocktails, and their different venues allow for different dining experiences. I'd like to head back to Iceworks again because I think the service may have set me into a bad mood. I can also see the vision they are trying to achieve with their menu. That being said, I was not overly excited about any of the food we were served and so won't be heading back within the next couple of weeks or anything ridiculous! It did take a VERY long time for the staff to bring the bill.

I'm sure it would be pleasant enough to go and chill in the Iceworks bar on a Friday afternoon - and I will probably do that soon enough. A- you willing to join me again?!

Tell me, do you go back to places that are OK or do you search for something great? What are your experiences in Iceworks?? Let me know.....

Dowse Street
Paddington QLD 4064
07 3367 9800

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Lisa said...

The first time I went to the Iceworks just after it opened, the food was great. I even organised a staff dinner there which everyone was happy with.

The last couple of times I've tried going to the Iceworks (since they moved the casual restaurant out of the bar) the food has been very lack lustre and the service average. Pretty much exactly what you described. It's a nice place to meet for a drink but that's about it. I haven't had a chance to try Peak yet

Probably won't try Iceworks again until I hear something good about it. :)

Ally said...

I am down. It definitely does look ideal for relaxed arvo drinks - nice and breezy, plus you can laugh at all the people doing bootcamp around Suncorp Stadium.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Often when a place is 'just ok' I'll file it away as a second option or if-we're-in-the-area type of place for when we're stuck on ideas of where to dine. There are always more seemingly exciting places to try!

Anneg said...

I really don't know why it's so hard for staff to be a little more warm with customers. It's a general statement rather than Iceworks specific. It does happen so frequently though - the higher the price the higher the chance of cooler staff - v.odd.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a shame it disappointed you on the night but the place was rich for puns! ;)

Anonymous said...

I had dinner at Iceworks once. It was over a year ago so I probably shouldn't comment but... I thought the service was pretty good. I had the pork as a main which I found a little bit dry for the price tag. But everything else seemed very good to me. I seem to remember the side of green beans being very delicious. They had some kind of spice- think it could have been some kind of 5 spice- and butter on them. mmmm beans. Maybe I should go back again soon.

Lanky Diner

Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting to read cool comments about the Ice, because thats the exact treatment I've always had there. Went with a group of eight trying to celebrate with expensive bubbly and it all seamed far too much effort for the staff. Each subsequent visit has been similar. I'm not heading back soon.

Cocktail Queen said...

I've been to Iceworks about a dozen times since it opened. Four outings have been to Peak which is now closed and many to the bistro with family or groups of friends. Every time the food has been superb and the young wait staff friendly and keen to help. Faultless service. We always have a great night there and Melbourne Cup day was a hoot. Going back on Friday with a half a dozen girlfriends to try the 2 courses for $30.Have never been disappointed at Iceworks.

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