Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to School (I wish....) Back to Work

I have to admit, after a fabulous Christmas and holiday period I was feeling less than enthusiastic about going back to work, simply because I'd rather be cooking, eating, drinking, hanging out and beaching it. How Generation Y of me.

Anyway, Back to Work was looming and the Sunday Afternoon blues made a resurgence early- on Thursday- and so I was left searching for ways to make back to work a little bit easier.

A little stop in Coles ( I'm usually a Woolies girl) turned out to be just what I was looking for. The answer to my problems?? A NEW LUNCHBOX! But not just any old lunchbox- a smash Nude Food Movers Lunchbox. It has many different compartments and is WAY more EXCITING than any other lunchbox I have seen. Ever. Back to School seems such a long time ago, but I can vividly remember the excitement of going to buy new lunch boxes, bags, pens and pencils and to be honest, this time around, the amount of excitement I had about this lunchbox probably surpassed all the back to school excitement combined.

I know you are probably thinking - is this blog SERIOUSLY about a lunch box? And let me tell you, I would probably be asking the same thing if I were to discover a blog about a lunchbox.... but that's because you haven't seen the Nude Food Movers Lunchbox - that is also available with different skins (wetskin type covers to keep the food cool.) If someone from Smash happens to see this blog, could you please employ me as your spokesperson?? I am happy to accept payment in the form of skins or other lunchboxes. Ok so here it is......

I know Nude Food Movers sounds like some kinky cult, but alas, the ethos behind the lunchbox is to have less packaging required for your lunch i.e. nude food. I am seriously in love with my lunchbox and C and my family have unfortunately been hearing about it for the last 5 days.

I guess the lunchbox became a symbol for possibility and hope, which is what the start of a new school year used to bring. A new start, new classmates, new stuff, new subjects, new teachers and new possibilities. In the real world, the start is less dramatic. Less holidays, less new things, more work etc etc but I had made some idealistic new year's reso's, which is where the lunchbox comes in.

I'd already made a resolution, as I see many other bloggers have done too, to eat more healthily and save more money. Part of this was to take my lunch to work 9 days out of 10. For me, this is a big deal because packed lunches are the bain of my existence. Seriously, I don't think you understand - I just do not know what to take. I have tried many different options but truthfully, I'm not a sandwich girl because bread makes me feel tired and I don't like having cold meat that is more than two days old so it makes it hard to get something to put on the sandwich and tinned Tuna is one of the very few things I don't like to eat - the list goes on and on. I get really REALLY hungry too, so that is something to keep in consideration.

When I first saw the lunchbox, I fell in love. It instantly seemed to give me more options. Suddenly I had a couple of lunch ideas. Yay! (But would be happy for any of you to give me some more options- please!) I like the fact that you can create bigger subsections by removing pieces and I especially like the orange and fluro yellow (no they aren't an apple and an orange) tubs to put yoghurt or dip or whatever into.

Today I put tzatziki in the yellow tub (bought from Chocolate Providore at Noosa Farmer's Markets), Passionfruit greek yoghurt in the orange tub, dutch carrots in the clear side container, raspberries and blueberries on the other side of the clear container, some crackers on sandwich level 1, and a rye turkey, tomato, lettuce and wholegrain mustard sandwich on sandwich level 2.
I did spend about an hour stuffing about packing my lunch, but as the days go by, I guess it will be quicker. Tomorrow I will switch the sandwich, even rye bread doesn't work for me, and come up with something new. I'm glad that I found the nude food movers range. I have my symbol of hope, my lunchbox, to fill to the brim with lots of tasty and healthy goodies, and hopefully keep me on track for the rest of my new year's resolutions.

Do you find it difficult to pack lunch or is it your favourite meal of the day? Got any lunchbox suggestions for me?! I'm aiming to go a whole year packing lunches with only one day off every fortnight! I will keep you updated on my progress (oh no, suddenly I'm accountable to someone other than myself!) but keep your ideas coming!

P.S. I also got another lunchbox (Nude food movers) which has an in-built dressing container! No more soggy salads!

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mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I've had packed lunches for years as working in a busy eye clinic doesn't allow for much of a break to pop out and buy food. Luckily there's always a fridge, so I'd keep bottles of salad dressing in there. I found salads with couscous were quite filling and cooler weather meant packing leftover pastas, rice and stews which all reheat well in a microwave. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I too am a serial lunch packer. I work in a primary school so, alas, there is nowhere to purchase a suitable lunchable apart from the canteen or tuck shop and... well face it, who wants to revisit those years of soggy sangers and chicken chippes?! (if you don't know what they are don't ask!)

I agree with the previous poster, but I work in a place where there is a high chance that you will have your food poached, so leaving dressings in the fridge for later is hazardous to say the least.

I am looking for a lunchbox that gives overall coldness to preserve the contents as well as providing compartments to keep my 'little lunch'and 'big lunch'seperate. I also would like a camoflague option so that the contents appear unsavory. Am I asking too much? Any ideas?

I am thinking that you might just be onto something with this lunch box musing G.G!

SOL's view said...

I take a packed lunch 10 days out of 10. I get to eat a LOT of ham sandwiches. Just lately, left overs. Today I have half a rib fillet steak, vegetables smothered in brown onion gravy. Microwave, here I come....

Anonymous said...

ooh - i too get excited over lunchboxes g. gal! though i am not as overly motivated to pack them...!

to anonymous above, i have seen lunchboxes with in-built gel things in their lining to keep everything cool - but can't remember the name of them...i'll keep an eye out.

Joy said...

LOL - Great post.

I pack my lunch everyday. But mine is boring - I buy bread, ham and sliced cheese when it's on special and make Sandwiches to freeze and then toast them at work with Mustard and fresh tomato. Cheap, Easy and so nice when toasted.

Otherwise it's boring packet soup, a big bowl of fruit on my desk or left overs from dinner.

*boring* :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe that looks rather clever although I do have to agree that the name is eyecatching as it does seem like a name for some strange food movement! :P

Anonymous said...


Just wondering how this lunchbox is going? I bought them for my kids and have only just realised that they do not go in the dishwasher - major negative for me. Also the hinges seem a little flimsy and I am wondering how long it will take for the kids to break them...
Also, I noticed these - which look great for kids and can go in the dishwasher but maybe a little small for apples etc. and no thermal skin.
I am wondering whether to get the skin for the nude lunchboxes or just get the goodbyns and make my life a lot easier. Any thoughts??

As for lunch ideas I too hate sandwiches because of the sog factor and do not give them to my kids. So I pack a lot of cheese and crackers(try to vary the type of crackers and cheese), Homemade hummous, crudites and cornchips, nori rolls and rice with chickpea/tomato/basil salad and little pots of yoghurt. Lots of nuts, dried fruit, fresh veg & fruit etc. are good too. Popcorn if we've been watching movies.

Gastronomy Gal said...

I think the hinges may be a little flimsy- but I have popped mine back in and there seems to be no problem. I live in a tiny inner city apartment with no dishwasher so that isn't a problem for me but I could see how it would be frustrating.

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