Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving menu plan

I admit that sometimes I am a bit rash. I make big plans and the problem is, once I have made a plan, I will go to ridiculous lengths to keep them.

Recently at morning tea time, my work colleagues were discussing different celebrations that are held around the world and I studpidly piped up- well I'm going to celebrate 1-2 each month (that revolve around food- obviously) next year!

O dear.. another moment without thinking and now I am excited by the prospect there is NO GOING BACK. By the end of next year I expect to have doubled in size and at this rate my 'new year financial overhaul' is unlikely to happen anytime soon but never mind- I'm sure I'm going to have a fab time and have lots of tidbits of information to share with you in A-Z Gastronomy segments. Gee I'm dedicated, breaking new years reso's two months before it's time to start!

I decided to have start early and celebrate Thanksgiving. One of my American friends mentioned that she might be homesick around Thanksgiving time so I thought it would be the perfect start to my food celebrations.

Right now though- I'm asking for your help. I know I have some readers from the USA/Canada so I'm hoping you guys- or anyone really, will be able to give me some hints for the menu. I'm actually having Thanksgiving this weekend (because it's not a holiday here ..) and so have the traditional turkey in mind but am stumped with idea for the side dishes.

Essentially I would like the menu to be a modern take on Thanksgiving food- and really yum. My Oven is also ReALLY small so I have to take that into consideration too!

Due to this- I was thinking of cooking a turkey but also doing rolled turkey breast because it will fit into the oven a lot better. Anything I can BBQ/pan fry/steam would be awesome too. There are going to be about 12 people coming.

Readers, can you share some of your Thanksgiving expertise with me please?!!

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mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I love a person who sticks to their principles and commitments - hurrah for you!

While I don't have any Thanksgiving experience, I was thinking you could put an Australian twist on perhaps side dishes? Just like how the weather here is not that suitable to have the traditional array of hot Christmas food, I would think the same applies for doing Thanksgiving in warm weather. My dinner party tip, as always, is: make as much in advance as possible!

beeso said...

Go down to james st markets and ask for glenn the butcher, his wife is american and he has a bit of knowledge on their food and can probably give some pointers on what types of meat will suit.

Lara said...

Good luck with your international celebrations! I've planned to do that before and given up around Chinese New Year. :-/

I've been drooling over Thanksgiving recipes from a few blogs I read and the latest posts from The Bitten Word really take my fancy. They might not be so good with your small oven and the stinking heat though!

Anonymous said...

The wiki entry has some interesting information on dishes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving_dinner

Pumpkin pie is a must! http://busycooks.about.com/od/sweetpierecipes/r/canpumpkinpie.htm

Gastronomy Gal said...

Lara- Thank you thank you thank you! Beeso- Will head down to James Street when i have decided- perhaps I will get rolled turkey breast too- and pumpkin pie is a must- another food blogger that is coming along is bringing the pumpkin pie!!

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