Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salt Rosalie For Dinner

Salt at Rosalie are well known for their breakfasts. The hoards point to gold and weekends at Salt are hectic- sometimes with 30+ people lining Nash Street.

Although I have been to Salt many times for breakfast I have never ventured there for dinner. I'm not quite sure why but when I am thinking of places to go- Salt is never really an option. The other night, I was lazing around Rosalie and decided that it was time to tackle the dinner menu at Salt.

It's funny how a place can be so contradictory. In contrast to the extra busy days, Salt is pretty quiet at night. They have very little lighting with candles on the tables but whenever I am in Rosalie, there are rarely more than 5 or 6 tables filled. There were two waitstaff on- one provided fantastic service and the other was quite aloof and uncaring. As my main PIE C summed up really well- It's the little differences. The breakfast menu is original, artistic and fun and the nighttime menu very uninspired.

Upon opening the menu I was confronted with the choice to either have an entree and a main or to share the 'deluxe tasting platter' with C. Although there were a couple of entree choices for $15.90 that I would have ordered - The pork belly (honestly I realise I have an obsession) or the salt and pepper squid (another regular menu choice for me) the mains were pretty uninviting. I did like the look of the duck but they had run out so I decided to coax C into the share platter.

In theory, the platter menu looked good and at $28 it was reasonably priced but I'm not sure I made the right choice.

I'm sorry to say that I have had a head cold and so didn't even take a look at the wine list. I can't even tell you from previous experience because the wine doesn't usually come out at Breakfast time!

The kitchen sent out a complimentary started - brie and asparagus arancini. I love complimentary starters because I think they can tell you a lot about a Chef's style. The arancini was nice although could have had more flavour. The outside was crisp but the brie and asparagus were barely distinguishable .

Our platter arrived very quickly, delivered by a very polite waiter.

I went straight for the oysters kilpatrick which were disappointing. The oyster had that stewed flavour and the dressing/sauce was pretty tasteless.

Next bite was the scallops which were cooked perfectly. By now, you will know that I LOVE a good scallop and these were plump and fresh. Unfortunately the accompanying rocket dressing was quite bitter and the scallops tasted much better without.

The barramundi spring rolls were good. The fish was nice and sweet and the sauce had chilli and coriander which was a great addition to the flavours in the spring roll.

The fishcakes were piled two high and didn't really take my fancy. I only had a small bite, as by this time, I was feeling quite full. C noted that they were 'average' but it should be recognised that he either wants 'fish' or 'cake' not a fish cake, so obviously not a real fan.

Feta and tomatoes featured in the cous cous which was topped with crispy chorizo. The cous cous was well cooked but I didn't really think the flavours meshed effectively.
The lamb and haloumi skewers were also disappointing. The haloumi was fine but the lamb was overcooked and chewy.

The prawn cocktail was ok- but only just. C ate and enjoyed three of the prawns but I really feel like the dressing was pretty tasteless and the prawn I had didn't impress me much.

My dining experience at Salt has left me confused. Some aspects were good whilst others were disappointing. One of the wait staff was fantastic and had great attention to detail whilst the other was borderline rude. The food was very 'hit and miss' unfortunately the bad outweighing the good. Even after the summary I'm still confused and I can't imagine how you, the readers, are feeling. Salt has potential because their breakfasts are fab but they haven't really nailed the dinner service yet.

Have you had any confusing dining experiences where you just can't make up your mind?

Nash St,
Rosalie Village 4064

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Sounds very confusing indeed, like they do some elements really well but some not at all. I wonder why? Usually if a chef has high standards or good taste, it carries through. I wonder if some are made by one chef and some another? Perplexing!

Cherry Blossom Cupcakes said...

Hi Gastronomy Gal, I've just discovered your blog and it's lovely! I'll be back!

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