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Mints Vietnamese & Asian Cuisine - Rosalie Village

I love Vietnamese food. It's so simple, fresh and beautiful. Perfect for Australian Summer climate. Right now, I'm also rather interested in reading Luke Nguyen's new book- Songs of Sapa but it has been placed on the increasingly expensive and long list of wanted cookbooks (another blog on that later!)

Vietnam has such an interesting and varied history and French colonisation obviously had a huge effect on the food! I was very excited to hear that a new Vietnamese BYO restaurant had opened in the Rosalie Village. Rosalie/ Paddington area has been lacking a good Viet restaurant and I was hopeful that Mint could fill that void. Of course, there is Libertine at the Caxton Barracks but I mean a more casual place.

The restaurant is very simple and casual but modern. Light green is the theme. The menu is extensive and has Viet specialty sections as well as many items that aren't specifically Vietnamese. This is very common in Asian restaurants in QLD. I've never really seen this so often and I'm not sure it's such a good thing. I would like to go to a Vietnamese restaurant and see only Vietnamese dishes because every time I get a menu with other options, I get distracted. This is the same with Thai, Chinese etc etc....

I was also ordering take-away, but the staff were all really polite whilst I was there. I also noticed that some of the staff and some other Vietnamese people were all dining at the back of the restaurant together. I got in pretty early- 5:30ish and so they were obviously having their meal together before the evenings service. I love seeing the family that own the restaurant happily eating away- It shows such a sense of family and community and eating togeh.

That being said- I was really rushed and the menu was huge so I just picked the first things that popped out at me.

1) Pan friend pork dumpling (6 for $6.50) A very reasonable price but.... hmm... Not sure what I was thinking ordering these away from a Yum Cha Restaurant. I guess I got panicked and just went for something familiar. While these weren't altogether bad, the casing was a little undercooked so a bit chewy but the filling was nice and gingery.

Salt and Spicy quail 2 @ $5.50. The salt and spicy quail was very crispy however not too salty or spicy. The quail meat was quite tender and but a kick of chilli and salt would have done wonders.

From the Viet specialties section I ordered salt and spicy calamari for $15.90 and was once again underwhelmed by the lack of spice and salt. The calamari was heavily battered but the inside was tender and very easy to chew. Seeing I ordered two 'salt and spicy' dishes I must have really been lacking in salt!!

Last but not least I went for the wrap your own rice paper rolls with grilled marinated chicken for $13.90. This was by far the best dish. The chicken was beautifully marinated, delivering a nice lemongrass zing. The accompanying salad was fresh and plentiful and there was more than enough filling to do at least 10 rice paper rolls. I made these for C and I for lunch the next day!

I was not totally thrilled by my visit to Mints but have to confess that there were elements of promise and the rice paper rolls are enough to convince me to go back. I have spotted some dishes from the Viet Specialties section that I might try next time including the Viet Special King Prawn Clay Pot and the Viet Steam fish fillets with ginger and shallots both priced at a very reasonable $16.90.

The food was very cheap $32.00, including 10% off opening special which was enough for dinner for 2 and lunch the next day. All the items were all really fresh so I'm hoping the couple of problems were opening week jitters because there was definite elements of great fresh Vietnamese food. I don't know of any good Vietnamese restaurants over this side of town so I'm always happy to see new, good restaurants opening up!

Mints Vietnamese
Shop 4/21 Nash St
Rosalie Village
Paddington 4064
073367 8868

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A-dawg said...

Yum! I have been on the hunt for decent Pho since I went to Vietnam last year. Did Mint have Pho?

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Never seen quail done like that before...interesting!

SOL's view said...

I've been to a Vietnamese restaurant but only once. It was very, very small - only a handful of tables. The food was delicious and as far as I could tell, there didn't appear to be anything 'distracting' on the menu. The restaurant was near the Darra railway station - sorry no northside! :)

Anonymous said...

My favourite(and my wifes) Vietnamese is still Quan Thanh in West End. Cheap, Fresh and Delicious.

Gastronomy Gal said...

I'm a big fan of Quan Thanh too!

food bling, Brisbane said...

great to find another Vietnamese place opening on the Northside - we need more! I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Anonymous said...

one of the chefs from quan thanh opened this.
i was wondering if you knew mints number?

Anonymous said...

Mints - 33678868
Hooray! Now we don't have to drive to Darra or West End for excellent and affordable viet fare. Have been several times now and never a disappointment

Anonymous said...

Love this restaurant. Great service and haven't been disappointed with a meal yet.

Anonymous said...

Here's the restaurant's contact details:

Mints Vietnamese & Asian Cuisine
Shop 4/12 Nash Street (Rosalie Village)
Paddington Q. 4064

Ph: 3367 8868
You can download their menu here: http://www.box.net/shared/z8ffymrc6i

Just posting this here because Mints doesn't seem to have much of an online presence and this blog is high in Google search results. It took me 20 min to find their phone number tonight, lol.

Tammy said...

I'm Vietnamese and I'm sure that we don't have anything named Viet Special King Prawn Clay Pot. Glad to see many people love our food. However, to be honest, there are very rare authentic Viet dishes here in Brisbane. Traditional Vietnamese food rarely use soy sauce, even for stir fry, and use much less sugar than here. I will try Mint this weekend as I've heard many positive feedback!

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