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Mecure Perth: $25 bucks for THAT? Are you kidding me?

I have just arrived back from a work trip to Perth. I have some good and bad news stories from Perth but I'm going to get this one out of the way first. I don't like giving bad reviews but this one is needed.

When complaints/constructive criticism are given to establishment, in my opinion, they are usually discarded. I am not quite sure what happens when people fill in a feedback from at a hotel. Do they read through or do they just go into a black hole? Are the comments taken into consideration or dissmissed? A friend of mine shared a helpful tip, make sure you always send the information to the corporate comms/pr person because they will take action. In a perfect world every establishment would be fantastic and a bad review would never be written, but as my experience reminds me, we are a long way from living in a perfect world.

As a blogger I guess I have a power to get my message out to a selected number of people - so I'm going to use it. When looking for places to eat/book accomodation I relied on other bloggers.Before not, I really was not up on the Western Australian scene so if you are search of somewhere to eat/stay when heading west- hopefully these reviews help you out.

I understand that places sometimes have a bad day- that is understandable. Everyone can't be on top of their game all the time. I also like to think that I am pretty understanding. I can usually tell if a place has potential that has been stifled by an unfortunate incident, understaffing etc. I also think that how a place responds to drama/criticism tells a lot about the character of the establishment.

That being said, I will give you a rundown of the Mecure Perth........ Usually I only review food but as food/hotel crossed over I'm going to include both.

I am not sure that I have ever been more appalled by a hotel. Mecure Perth is set in down town Perth at the service at the check-in desk was flawless. Heading up to the rooms was like any other hotel- except I was in the wrong tower. One of my colleagues was in the second tower and I had mistakenly followed her up. I checked out her room, which was fine and headed back to my tower.

I immediately noticed that something was very wrong. I was a little confused to which fairy tale I was featuring in? Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. On my floor these bright almost yellow kitsch doors kept popping up- the first signs of terror. Going into the room was not that bad. The room was pretty standard, not worth what we were paying for the accomodation, but nothing to complain about. About five minutes after stepping into the room a loud buzzing sound started. Similar to the hum of a fridge but about 100 times louder. I dismissed it as commercial noise but already had a headache after a quick change of clothes.

We headed out for dinner to a place nearby- a quick bite to eat seeing it was already 11 p.m QLD time -we were pretty tired. I noticed that a couple of my colleagues were staying on the same level as me, and a few were staying in the lower levels. The level 8 colleagues had a quick chat about the noise and we suggested that we could ask to be moved when we got back.

When we arrived back in my room- the noise had only intensified. I called reception to ask if they could do something about it. They came up to the floor to check and called me back to say that it was 'one of the neighbouring buildings vibrating.' Unconvinced. I asked if I could be moved- and he said 'Well I would like to move you but I don't have anywhere to move you to.' I asked if he had earplugs and he said no. Then the phone call ended. I knew I was in for a night of pain so I walked up to a convenient store and bought some earplugs (they only had the crappy yellow foamys) and headed back. I lay trying to get to sleep and basically couldn't drown out the sound- even when opening all the windows, turning the tv up and on very loud etc etc. Oh gee. After a restless nights sleep- I ordered in room breakfast.

As an already very tired, cranky and frustrated person - food is usually the quickest way to cheer me up. Good food- not horrible, basically inedible, are you kidding me food? This kind of food is usually the quickest way to make me remember, in vivid detail, my night of the unsleeping.

I ordered the cooked breakfast for $25. The menu was pretty limited but this is quite standard for a hotel breakfast.

When the plate of food arrived, I was a little shocked. $25 bucks basically wasted. I chomped into the sausages which were so overcooked and oily they were basically inedible. They left a nice smear of oil on the plate.

The eggs were plastified on the outside and should have been called hard boiled because I'm pretty sure that no delicate poaching process was taken with these babies. The tomato was over fried lumps of flavourless red sitting on my plate. There was no toast, no nothing else. Gross. Admittedly, I didn't order a hash brown which was an option, but i did order bacon and that was obviously absent.

Pretty unimpressed at this stage. Went down to meet my colleagues and heard their horror stories also. One phoned reception at 2a.m only to be told nothing could be done- and one was up at 4 a.m walking around because it was just impossible to sleep. The Mecure did agree that we should be moved and asked us to pack our belongings- but this arrangement was sorted out with no apology. At all. I'm pretty sure I would have been much more understanding if the staff had been understanding of the situtation. It's pretty unfair to be staying somewhere for $200 + a night and not be able to sleep or have any talk of retribution from the staff. Even a complimentary bottle of wine or some indication that the staff were incredibly sorry for our lost night of sleep would have helped immensely.

Instead I was served the world's crappest breakfast and moved to a room that had this in the bathroom as in the in-room hair dryer. I almost choked laughing by this stage through my delirium. Is it from Ghost busters or doctor Who?

I know that one lost night of sleep and a crappy breakfast isn't the end of the earth. But when you lie there for about 8 frustrating hours trying to sleep and you are offered no apology, i wind up very cranky. My colleagues did not receive an apology either.

Mecure, even your old 70's-esque in room dryer would have been not that big of a deal if you had apologised and showed us that you cared about us. Instead you showed me that you do not care with the world's worst breakfast and didn't apologise at all. To me, that is the worst of your crimes.

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Anonymous said...

I've stayed at the Mercure in Brisbane and Melbourne before and have had a very similar experience.

If you ever get a chance, stay at the Medina. They're perfect hotels (the rooms, food, staff and locations are always flawless)

Barbara said...

What a terrible experience. Next visit check out the Outram in Subiaco. I have walked past it, haven't stayed there but am told it is terrific. It's near Kings Park which is lovely for early morning walks.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ack! That sounds like a complete nightmare. I agree, a sincere apology can do a world of good! That reminds me of The Apprentice where they managed (or mismanaged) a hotel for a night.

Julia @ Mélanger said...

What a nightmare. How terrible!

Baranovic said...

"The eggs were plastified", classic! $25 is ridiculous!

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