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Breakfast at Flute- Rosalie Village

Rosalie is a busy little centre, particularly on weekends. It's not hard to see why. There are a myriad of places to eat and the little village has a relaxed yet trendy vibe. Salt is a staple for us but weekends at Salt are chaotic. Anytime after 8:30 there is a line- sometimes up to about 20 people.This particular weekend morning, I didn't have the time to wait around so decided against Salt and headed around the corner to Flute- a very similar styled restaurant that isn't yet as busy as Salt.

The rosalie Village gossip suggests that there is some sort of relationship between Flute and Salt. Legend has it that the owner of Salt sold up and opened Flute but I'm not exactly sure how true this is... As you all know, gossip can be pretty off track, but the food also suggests there is some kind of link. There appear to be many similarities between the breakfast menus. Apologies if this is wrong... And I would actually like to know the truth behind the situation if you are in the know.

Anyway- luckily there was a table available and we were seated straight away. A quick glance at the menu revealed that the prices were quite high for breakfast, but pretty much the same as surrounding restaurants. My main PIE chose the honey roasted bacon with eggs at $16.50 and I had the corn and potato cakes with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Poached eggs with hollandaise are pretty much my default menu choice when it comes to breakfasts and I get super excited when it comes with something to spice it up- so I really could not go past the corn and potato cakes. I was also eyeing the guy on the next table eating the fish cakes- which looked fab and smelled even better- so perhaps they are a choice for another day.

After our orders were taken, I settled back in the comfy lounge bench seat and watched the passing traffic. It wasn't long before our orders arrived and were placed in front of us in all their glory. Both dishes were stacked high and mine in particular was a huge serve. On the side came a grilled tomato and some avocado which was a nice touch.

I'm one of those annoying people that like to eat one thing at a time- usually leaving the 'best till last.' I HAVE to get rid of the avo and tomato first (maybe that stems from Mum always wanting me to eat my vegies first) and then moved onto the eggs. The avo was seasoned well and the eggs were cooked perfectly. I always like when my poached are done well, it was the first sign that the chef had some good things going on in the kitchen. C's eggs were served in little dishes a nice touch- and were similarly well cooked. I had stacks of bacon on the plate and the honey flavour came through nicely. The hollandaise was poured over the whole thing and was ok, but not great. In fact it was pretty standard, leaving me to wonder if they made it themselves....

Finally I worked my way (after offloading some bacon to my PIE) to the corn and potato cakes. Two HUGE cakes were left staring up at me, and by now I had probably already eaten enough but there was no way I was going to let the potato and corn cakes go to C's plate aswell. The cakes were well cooked- crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The corn and spring onion inside provided a nice touch, but honestly these cakes lacked va va voom. They were niceish- but pretty bland- maybe in need of some extra feta or onion to help make them a little more zingy.

C's plate of food was pretty standard- His bacon and eggs were served with turkish pide, eggs and tomato. Whilst this was not the most adventurous dish, it was a good version of the classic bacon and eggs. I would probably recommend trying one of the more inventive dishes- but if you are after standard fare- the honeyed bacon and eggs are not a bad choice.

By the end of the meal, the queue was starting to form, and there were at least three sets of customers waiting inside at the bar for a table. Flute's popularity it starting to build- and if it follows Salt in this department- it too, may build a cult following.

I have visited Flute a number of times before, but never for breakfast. To be honest, the first couple of times- it was a circus. On a number of occasions the service was so bad it became funny. I have had friends vow never to go back, and if you had the same idea- I urge you to give Flute another go. To their credit, it seems all the teething problems I experienced earlier on in Flute's lifetime are now resolved. This time, the service was virtually seamless. I was well impressed with their improved service but offer Flute one little hint- probably best to not stand behind customers who are just getting ready to leave discussing your booking problem and how to rearrange the table once we had gone. It leaves a little bit of a sour taste in their mouth.

Essentially, the food is pretty good and apart from the above faux pas the atmostphere is relaxed and I would recommend heading to Flute on a lazy weekend.

Shop 3
155 Baroona Rd
Rosalie 4064 QLD
Phone: (07) 3367 2514

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sparkles said...

will you take me there one time gal? :)

Penelope said...

salt and flute are still owned by the same people. They actually share a kitchen, hence why their menus are pretty identical

Gastronomy Gal said...

It's easy to see how this whole situation can be confusing but actually, just to clarify - they don't share a kitchen- their kitchens are completely seperate. Salt and Flute used to be owned by the same people but now tisnt so. Ainsley from flute used to manage salt. Ex owner of salt, Paul now owns flute cooparoo.

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