Monday, September 7, 2009

Teppenyaki Fun- Kabuki at Stamford Plaza

Recently a group of friends and I headed to Kabuki at the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane for some Teppenyaki action and a girl's night out.

I have been to Kabuki before, and it seems that the experience can differ greatly depending on the chef you are allocated. Our Chef was not as crazy as some but still put on a good show. I have to admit- I was a little jealous of the table situated across from us because they seemed to have a chef with a bit more flair.

Basically you choose which package you want and 10 people are seated around the grill in a semi circle.

We chose the most basic option-Tsubaki- on the teppenyaki set menu, which was still more than enough food- and not at all basic. Tsukbaki was $50 per person and a price I thought was very reasonable considering it included an appetiser of eggplant, garden salad, King Prawns, teriyaki chicken, wagyu beef sirloin, miso soup, fried rice, vegies and fresh fruit! There are three other options, Botan at $59.50, Kaede at $75.50 and Ran at $98.50- each of these options include significantly more seafood and extra dishes. There is also an a'la carte menu for those of you who do not want to get any teppenyaki action.

The eggplant and miso came out first. The eggplant was a delicious texture with some kind of seasme dressing. It was a hit all around the table- next came the miso which was good, but not great- a little too salty, but then again- I am not a great lover of Miso. Other people at the table through it was great. The garden salad magically appeared and then the fresh green king prawns came out.

The praws were expertly cooked, deliciously tasty and there was a choice of three dipping sauces- miso, seasme and soy. We were given bibs in anticpation of the food throwing I know is customary at Kabuki. Some of my PIE's (partner's in eating) were anxious because I promised them that the chef would throw raw eggs, and they would have to catch them. We donned bibs in anticipation and even though my PIE's were disbelieving and were of course surprised when the chef got out the eggs!!! We only had two eggs dropped on our table, so not a bad effort! Other fun teppenyaki tricks included getting us to catch bowls full of fried rice and trying to catch chopped egg in our mouths!

The vegetables came, were well received and went. The vegie contained bean sprouts, asian greens and mushrooms with (oyster??) sauce. Next on the menu was the teriyaki chicken, which was so tender and the sauce so sweet!! Definately one of the best teriyaki chicken dishes I have eaten.

The wagyu beef came with an equally delicious salty soy (not completely sure) type sauce. The beef was undeniably the best dish of the evening. It was tender and cut into thick bit size chunks and just delightful to eat.

The eveing was really fun, and the food was consistently good so I have to say that Kabuki gets a huge tick from me!!

Stamford Plaza Brisbane
Cnr of Edward Street and Margaret Street (entry via Margaret Street)
Entry via Margaret Street, Brisbane
Phone 07 3221 1999

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Anonymous said...

After dining at Kabuki, I found myself trying to talk my boss into having our christmas party there (fingers crossed). The night was really entertaining and the food was good. I will be going again very soon.

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