Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday Night Shocker

We usually travel away for the weekend. One of the benefits of this is that I get to eat out in places other that Brisbane (usually the sunshine coast.) As we are travelling, the Sunday night meal is always an issue. We don't want to delay our trip and we are usually so full from Sunday lunch that it has to be something simple. Through no conscious choice, a little trend started to emerge in our Sunday night dining. Our choices have been so appalling bad and are usually courtesy of my main PIE who seems to pick some seedy places on a Sunday. To honour the terrible food we somehow always end up eating on a Sunday night - I have given the tradition a very crass but apt name- the Sunday Night Shocker.

We had just visited Cloudland (more on Cloudland in the next post) and had eaten some light tapas but were not quite satisfied. My PIE's wanted to grab something quick and close whilst we were in Fortitude Valley (The Valley- to locals) before we headed home. They however, were not keen on Asian as we had already eaten Yum-Cha that morning- but we WERE in CHINATOWN so obviously this limited our options. We walked through the mall looking for something else. We did surpass New York Slice, numerous Kebab places and McDonald's which all would have been suitable candidates for this segment but decided to head on down to Country Chicken ( which I had previously suggested as a joke.)

To cut a long story short- I'm not sure what country this chicken came from but it was hideously bad- yes even for fried chicken. I know what you are thinking- I was asking for it, and yes I was asking for it, but even given the genre of fried chicken this meal was basically inedible. I can appreciate a good chicken burger when the occasion calls for it, but this was beyond bad. I ate one little bite and I still feel sick looking at the photos.

I had the chicken fillet burger, whilst my PIE's had chicken and chips and a chicken sub. They were all absolutely disgusting, even for what they were. The chicken was very poor quality ( I know, I know- but poor for a chicken burger!) and my burger and the sub were drenched in hideous sauce/mayo. The buns were stale and I was actually almost scared of what I was eating I don't think it would be fair to talk about the decore in the restaurant as it is a takeaway restaurant. Even grabbing this horrid meal on the way home from a serious night out would not make it any nicer. I will never eat at Country Chicken again- ever.

Tell me- where do you eat when you travel? Somewhere fast, pack your own or make a meal of it?

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Haleth said...

Next time you're out in the Valley on a late night, and as long as it's no later then 2 AM, pop into Cybercity for a meal. They do $3 congees (rice porridge) after 10 PM, and menu items are quite decently priced and comes in massive portions. I wouldn't say they do the best Chinese food in Brisbane, but pretty good for the Chinatown area, and plus you won't have to contend with disgusting food like this.

Oh, and what country this Country Chicken comes from? Hint: it's an Australian company. ;-)

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