Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sizzle sizzle sizzle

I'm guessing by now you have all seen the red sky and dust galore. I'm pretty upset for two reasons...

1) The dust storm hit just as lunch approached so I had to brave the elements to hunt and gather


2) I am (supposed to be) flying to Gunnedah for Porchetta Day preparations this afternoon. The plane is very small - I think 12 seater- so I am quite apprehensive about getting into this little beauty with dust causing visibility to be about 3m... (Ok slight exaggeration- but seriously!)

One thing that did make me happy today - my lunch.

Sometimes I just want something simple and comforting. All the worrying about porchetta day made me crave some comfort food and guess what I came accross on my hunting mission in treacherous conditions? A SAUSAGE SIZZLE!! I couldn't resist and I know it is so un-gourmet and even a bit gross but sometimes there is nothing better than eating a sausage (gasp) on white bread (gasp again- splutter from the dust) with loads of onion and tomato sauce. To tell the truth... I had two!

I just wanted to remind everyone how great sausage sandwiches really can be. My message:next time you walk past a sausage sizzle- don't shun the sausage.

After all the sausage talk- back to pork. Hopefully, I make it to porchetta day prep in time! Looking at the sky does not look promising.

Do you have a comfort food? Does loving this sausage sandwich affect my credibility?! Do you sometimes like eating something you know is actually quite wrong, but is somehow, oh so right!!

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