Sunday, September 20, 2009

Porchetta Day Reminder

Don't forget that porchetta day is coming up THIS WEEKEND!! I'm so excited I can barely concentrate. Porchetta is an old time favourite and I know it's going to be a fab day under the 50 year old olive trees.

There will be plenty of other yummy Italian treats including breads, pasta, woodfired pizza, cheese and loads of red.

Don't forget to bring along a picnic blanket to chill out under the trees.

If you are in or near North West NSW or even want to head to the country for the weekend- THIS WEEKEND IS THE PERFECT WEEKEND.

visit for more details
or email me and I can help you with anything you may need to know!

I hope to see you there but if you are not, I will be blogging with loads of pics to entice you to come next year!!

Ok.. I know I am crazy but I just LOVE porchetta but I am just so excited. ok... Apologies to whoever owns the song I butchered...

IIII I am dreaming of a porchetta sandwich…….. just like the ones I used to know.. where the rind crackles and the basting glistens…to the olive trees in the breeze (ok that doesn't fit...) May the days be merry and bright- with a lot of porchetta sandwiches in sight ah y ay ay ay

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