Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Porchetta Day in Gunnedah

I have to say that I am VERY excited about the upcoming Porchetta Day in Gunnedah, North West NSW. Porchetta Day started as a small gathering of about 50 of our family and friends at my family home, drinking copious amounts of red and eating loads of delicious porchetta. This year, it has developed into a full scale Food Festival open to the public. I have been involved with some stages of planning as my Dad and Godfather are the main ring-leaders behind the idea. I have to say- I'm really happy with the way things are shaping up. Porchetta is an italian tradition of roasting pigs on spits and basting them with olive oil and various herbs including fennel and salt and the result is absolutely amazing. Porchetta is seriously one of the best things I have EVER eaten!

Gunnedah is a great little town, but like a lot of country towns- doesn't have a great deal of cultural events to it's name so it's very promising that something like this is going ahead!! Slowly but surely, the country is changing and this festival is more than just a festival of Porchetta. It's a festival celebrating the Italian heritage in Gunnedah, good food and wine and community spirit.

There will of course be Porchetta, but the day is also focused on three E's- educating, entertaining and experience and with the program I'm really hoping it will nail all three.

If Porchetta isn't enough to entice you- maybe the rest of these points are!

  • All locally linked produce

  • Abundant wine

  • A string quartet providing background music

  • Coffee will be available from the morning, with coffee art demonstrations

  • Kids can make their own mini pizzas which will then be cooked in a woodfire oven specially provided for the day

  • Pasta eating competition. Pasta demonstrations using the right herbs

  • Plus there will be loads of local produce on display which just makes it even better!!!!! I know it's nothing new but I cannot tell you how important I think it is to use local produce wherever possible and to know where your ingredients are coming from. ( I will now step down from my soapbox!!!)

If you are in or around Gunnedah on the 26th September you simply MUST come to the porchetta festival. You can email me for details or visit the website http://www.porchetta.com/ for intricate details. There is also an Italian themed dinner on the Friday night which should be great too! If you can't make it- I will sure to post loads of photos to show you what you missed out on. This is definately worth putting this into your calendar!!

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