Monday, September 7, 2009

My love for okonomiyaki

Just a quick post to tell you all how much I absolutely LOVE okonomiyaki- Japanese Cabbage pancakes. I first fell in love with these pancakes at the Noosa Farmer's Markets( more about those later) Oh my goodness there is just something so delicious about the still crunchy cabbage and the bacon and the tons of sauce and japanese mayo heaped on top! The best pancakes I have found so far are located at the West End Farmer's Markets at West End Brisbane.

The couple at the Japanese Food stand make them fresh in front of you on a BBQ and there are options to add bacon, cheese and eggs. I always get the bacon. The stall also serves Gyoza. Yum Yum. For $8.50 you get a HUGE pancake and it fills me to the brim. I'm counting down the days until I can head to the West End Market's again. I have tried okonomiyaki at several other places but these guys make the best by far!! Definitely get one!!!

Japanese Food Stall, Food Court Area
West End Farmer's Markets
Montague Road and end of Jane Street,
West End. Amongst Davies Park
Every saturday from 6.a.m onwards.

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El said...

i LOVE okonomiyaki, and I would have to agree that the gals at the West End Markets make the best in Brisbane. The bacon/egg/cheese combination is especially good after a few too many after-work vinos on Friday night!

El said...

Edamame at St Lucia also do an excellent okonomiyaki, as well as many other great traditional Japanese dishes - this is coming from someone who recently went to Japan. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

The okonomiyaki at the West End markets are soooo good that I often find myself at work with a sudden craving. My only disappointment - I can only get them on Saturdays :(

Martin Rusis said...

I second all motions moved in the post and comments.

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