Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mariott Mezze

Sorry I have been too busy to post within the last few days. I have been helping organise a conference at the Gold Coast. Busy..Busy..Busy!

Long before I attend conferences, I check out the venue and surrounding restaurants and plan where I am going to eat for three days or so. This time, we were lucky enough to be staying at the Surfer's Paradise Mariott Resort and Spa which houses renowned teppenyaki restaurant Benihana, so at least one of my dining dilemmas was already solved.

However, on the first night I was too busy to have a proper dinner and couldn't fit much more in after the welcome drinks and canapes so I ordered a mezze plate off the room service menu. Not ideal

After only 20 minutes after ordering, The Mezze plate (about $22 including room service charges) turned up. It was totally different from the menu description which listed cured meats etc, but I was pleasantly surprised with the plate below. It included (clockwise) a yummy oyster dressed in a tomatoey, kaffir lime dressing, beetroot with goat's cheese feta, zucchini with tomato and cheese filling, a scallop, a moneybag filled with chives, mushrooms and pork, a mushroom with tofu and feta topping along with a Japanese style piece of battered pork and seaweed.

The plate was truly delicious. The oyster and scallop were fresh and salty tasting and the kaffir lime dressing was a treat. Fresh and zingy! The mushroom with cheese was an interesting combo and the cheesey puff was soft and delicious. The zucchini and moneybag were also well done, but the star of the plate was the beetroot with goat's cheese feta. These two were the perfect accompaniment to the plate, and were fresh and delicious. The feta was creamy and although the combination was very simple, it really worked!! It was refreshing to see a mezze plate with a point of difference. Read soon for more on the rest of the week's food- but it was looking very promising from the standard of this meal!

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