Monday, September 7, 2009

Marble Bar Bistro Sunshine Beach

One of my favourite hangouts on the weekend is Sunshine Beach, Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. I have been going to a little bar at the sunshine beach shops for a while now, just for a lazy afternoon cocktail or a bite to eat.

Marble Bar has a very cool feeling with a mixture of lounge seating and high tables. It is cosy but on the downside, this means it can sometimes become overcrowded. For a laid back, chill experience, you should definitely head there early in the afternoon or on a weeknight. On the other hand, if you want a buzzy, bar feeling, the place tends to be packed with a whole range of people on Friday and Saturday nights.

The cocktails at Marble Bar are fab. They are better than many places in Brisbane specialising in cocktails. They have some of their own creations plus you can ask for any old favourites.
My personal favourite is the Cloud9- a sweet mixture of cloud 9 vodka, pineapple juice, lychee liquor, muddled lychees - yummy. My PIE (parner in eating) chose the Toblerone and loved the rich version of his favourite cocktail.

We then order a couple of items from the tapas menu to keep our hungry bellies happy.
First the barramnudi spring rolls arrive with side dishes or ginger and japanese mayo and sweet chilli sauce. These are tasty but not overly good- although they were presented nicely and were nice and crispy.

Next came the salt and pepper calamari with a cocktail sauce. The batter was standard , but to be honest I'm pretty sure the calamari was Kalamari- i.e. processed meat. Very disappointing- especially since we are at the beach!! No excuse for fake seafood here (or ever really)!

The delight of the day was definately the scallops, served with wakame, a wasabi mayo and pickled ginger. Whilst I have had differing variations of these before- these were pretty good. The scallops were fat and lovely and warm and the seasme wakame provided the ultimate flavour sensation. Yum Yum!! Will definately be ordering these again at the next available opportunity- perfect with my cloud9 cocktail!!

Last and definately least was the duck crepe. This looked absolutely fab, but was really lacklustre, oversauced and just not a delight to eat. The texture was mushy rather than blended and really wouldn't bother with this one again.

I will however, definately be back for some more afternoon cocktails.

Marble Bar
Duke Street Shops ,
Sunshine Beach QLD 4567
phone number: 07 5455 3200

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