Thursday, September 17, 2009

High Tea with the Queen

High Tea is something I ALWAYS want to do but never really get an opportunity to. So when I saw High Tea advertised at the Mariott I just had to book in and worry about convincing my boss to come along later. Thankfully my boss is great (eek-- is she reading this?!) and agreed to come straight away!!! Unfortunately due to work commitments (always getting in the way- sigh....) we couldn't make the Breast Cancer High Tea which was probably a good thing because the Lobby Lounge was packed with women teetering on impossibly high, high heels with fascinators and I certainly did not come prepared for that. So we booked in the day after for an early afternoon high tea.

Check out the photo above and you will see a High Tea stand decorated just beautifully. These were around the whole lobby lounge (maybe for the Breast Cancer High Tea?) and the smell of fresh lillies and sweet peas hits you. Along with the calming music and the sound of waterfalls this set the High Tea tone beautifully, so even before the food we were in a great high tea mood. See below for our view from the lobby lounge- quite serene. The only problem with the view was a little water dragon lizard, of which I am deathly afraid, but luckily it moved along very quickly!!!

We ordered the Moet Imperial High Tea for 2 @ $65.00. There were other cheaper options if you skip the champagne, but I never pass up an opportunity for some afternoon champers!! First our tea (or coffee if you prefer- but come on! It's High TEA!) arrived. I ordered Lemon tea. The staff show great attention to detail and the waiter came back to inform me that their lemon tea was infused with mint and ask if this was ok. Of course it was, but it was really nice that he checked. The tea arrived and was yum yum. I forgot to ask which brand they use which is a shame because it was really delish.

Next our tier arrived! It certainly looked very dainty and in standard high tea tier style, the top plate held the sweets, the middle plate held the sandwiches and the bottom plate housed scones with lashings of cream and three little pots of strawberry jam.

The sandwiches were turkey and cranberry, egg and lettuce. There were open half sandwiches which were smoked salmon with capers and red onion and plain cucumber. These were all yummy. My PIE doesn't like egg sandwiches so I had two and I was all the happier for it. They were all very delicately done, and no sandwich had an overpowering element like some egg sandwiches do. The cucumber open breads were really cute and fresh and the turkey and cranberry had just the right amount of all the ingredients. The bread was nice and fresh and even though sandwiches are fairly simple things, if they are done badly it sets a bad precedent for the rest of the meal. Definitely a good start.

Next we decided to tackle the scones which were just like Granny makes. Really well done and just the fresh and warm when we opened them- we slapped on loads of fresh cream and jam and they tasted a treat.

Showing great self control, we went for the sweets last. The sweets were very sweet and perhaps a bit too much focused on cream, but all the same they were good. first there were little white choc and coffee eclairs which were yum but a tad melted by the time we got to them. I'm not a real coffee lover (gasp!) but my pie really enjoyed the coffee burst with the white chocolate.

There were pastry cases filled with cream and strawberries, which are always a winner (although by this stage the cream was getting a little overwhelming) and lastly an unidentified piece of creamy?? slice?? which did have a yummy fresh raspberry on top which (yet another dollop of cream.) The sweets were delish but I just couldn't handle another ounce of cream!!!

All the food was good, but I have to say that it was the champagne that takes the cake. I am not a real fan of the Moet et Chandon non vintage, so was a little skeptical but I tasted the Moet Imperial Nectar served on ice with lime I realised that it was the PERFECT drink for this sweet high tea. The champagne has a certain fruitiness and sweetness but still cut through all the cream. "Nectar Impérial is a champagne to please the senses. The assemblage is built around the structure of the Pinot Noir : supple and smooth. Nectar Impérial is both a refined and sophisticated wine whose richness turns into sensuality." - Moet

It was so good I just wanted another glass....... Nope- time for back to work. But will definitely indulge in this another time. For cute and yummy high tea with great service, head to the Lobby Lounge at the Mariott Surfer's Paradise.

Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa -
158 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise QLD - (07)5592 980

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Anonymous said...

"Champagne takes the cake" - love it! Love the Marriot at Surfers too...

Anonymous said...

After reading your review, I am considering driving to the coast simply for the yummy looking sandwiches and scones. You would think that it would be hard to stuff up high tea, but I have had less than pleasant experiences. May I suggest a mission for you? Find a place in Brisbane that does a nice high tea.

Gastronomy Gal said...

Mission accepted!! There are a couple of places that are rumoured to be good. Joseph Alexander's on Park Road, High Societea in Clayfield and Room for Roses in the city to name a few. I am officially on the hunt for THE best high tea in Brisbane.

El said...

I have had high tea at Joseph Alexander's and was quite impressed. The food was wonderfully presented, great ambience and the staff happily catered to my food allergies (who knew a ceoliac could have high tea?). Definitely worth checking out on your mission.

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