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Golden BBQ

I LOVE GOOD CHINESE FOOD but I have unable to find a Chinese restaurant that blows my mind in Brisbane (readers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with this one- somewhere in Sunnybank.?) The being said I am always up for trying new Chinese restaurants in my quest to find the ultimate, so when my visiting Nan suggested she would like Chinese (she is a Chinese lover too- perhaps it is in my blood?) I grabbed my Brisbane's budget bites book (by Mei Yen Chua) to find a recommendation. I was a bit selfish with my choice as I have been feeling like soy chicken for a while now and when I saw it mentioned under Golden Door I just had to go.

We found the restaurant on Wickham Street among many other Chinese restaurants. It was, as Budget Bites had suggested, a very basic restaurant. I'm talking bare bones here. However, it did have a good but atmosphere, with the staff yelling in mandarin and it was packed with Asian diners (always a good sign at an Asian restaurant.)

We got our hands on the menu and the prices were very reasonable. We ordered the half BBQ duck (about $17 from memory), a half soy chicken (similar price), a large serving of BBQ pork (around $9), rice and steamed Asian greens with oyster sauce. We asked for the mean to be deboned at the cost of $2 per dish. For me, this charge is totally worth it as I spend so much time picking the meat from the bones.

We went to order drinks but realised there were none on the menu. Golden BBQ is unlicensed so if you are up for a long boozy dinner, this is not the place. In lieu of alcohol we ordered some iced tea and soft drink which came in the can or in the bottle- they do not serve with glasses or ice here.

Budget Bites suggested that Golden BBQ usually serve complimentary house soup, but ours was forgotten. The waitress was running about all over the place and in her haste, I'm sure completely slipped her mind.
First to arrive were the steamed Asian greens with oyster sauce and a little bit of oil. The greens were fresh but were a little over cooked, however the sauce and oil combined made a magnificent dressing and we quickly gobbled up every last bit of bok choy before the next dish could even arrive.

The service was super speedy and the duck was next to arrive (probably only 10 min after ordering.) The duck was yum. The flesh was tender and the skin was a little bit crunchy and fatty in a trademark duck style. The skin could have been a little crispier, but was still good and tasty. There was a generous serving of duck given the price.

Next came the soy chicken which is an old favourite of mine. The chicken was well cooked and the meat was very tender but the sauce and skin lacked the depth of flavour that should be apparent in soy chicken. Really and truly, the dish was a little bit bland which was very disappointing.

The undeniable star of the night was the BBQ pork. It was absolutely delicious and had a rich BBQ flavour with a tantalising sauce. Not one ounce of this sauce was wasted and my Main PIE LOVES anything BBQ pork related. He thought this dish was fab. It was definitely on par with some of the restaurants in Sydney that I frequent given any opportunity.
I even caught my Nan ladling the BBQ sauce pork over the chicken to give it some much needed flavour, which was a fabulous idea!

On the way out we spotted a pig hanging out the back. For some people, this would be a bit much to handle- but for me it was reassuring. Growing up in the country, with a cool room always filled with beasts, I found it comforting to know that they prepare their meat fresh on site.

The bill came in at just over $60 which I thought was very reasonable, given the quality and amount of food we ordered. This restaurant is cheap and cheerful, very loud and fast paced. I would not recommend eating at Golden BBQ if you are after a long, relaxing dinner- but for a quick Asian fix and some delicious BBQ pork be sure to pop in sometime.

Golden Door
157A Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
07 3852 5222
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Lara said...

Hi, I saw the link to your blog on Eat,drink+be Kerry and will have a good look at all your posts soon. :) I love Chinese food too! Some of my faves are in the "South" section of the Budget Bites book, so I think choosing any of those would be a safe bet (although Shanghai Cuisine at Robertson has recently changed hands and I've heard the menu and prices are no longer as good!). Really, you can get pretty good Chinese at most places in Market Square. Good luck!

f44444444f said...

Hi, if you want good chinese try Yuen Sun at Market Square in Sunnybank. It's a little noodle joint with green walls. They do the best fried noodles and fried rice you will taste in Brisbane. I don't eat fried rice from anywhere but there!!

Also I just wanted to point out that BBQ pork is white people food ;)

Gastronomy Gal said...

ooo! Thanks for the tips guys, I will have a look at the south section of budget bites for some clues and will definately try out Yuen Sun next time I am at Sunnybank. I went to the grovery store at Market Square the other day and discovered the fish mart oput the back. Have you guys tried it out?

! I do love BBQ pork but I also know that my chinese godmother loves BBQ pork if it is good too!!!! I realise it is westernised but it is still so yummy I can't resist. :) :) :) I will blog more when I have visited market square again.

Rabbit Sim said...

Hi, I also saw your blog in Eat,drink+be Kerry. Being Chinese, I do love my BBQ pork! If BBQ stuff is your thing, you could give Vietnam Corner at Sunnybank Plaza (diagonally opposite Welcome Supermarket). The BBQ pork (char siew) and dumpling noodle soup is quite good as is the roast duck and soy braised chicken. Oh, it's a no-frills, cheap bites place.

Gastronomy Gal said...

Thanks Rabbit Sim- I will have to try the braised soy chicken at Vietnam Corner. There are so many chinese places to try I could be eating chinese food for months on end. Not that I'm complaining!!

Haleth said...

I tried Vietnam Corner. Rather average, if not mediocre. I wasn't impressed, I've eaten much better Cantonese BBQ in town that actually comes closer to what you can get in Hong Kong, Guangzhou/Canton province in China, or even Malaysia and Singapore.

Haleth said...

In response to the comment that claims BBQ Pork is white people food. I don't think you know what you're talking about. It is a typical and very highly-regarded Cantonese dish, enjoyed by Chinese people everywhere. The problem is, far too many places (particularly the Westernized places) aren't doing it properly.

Beques said...

Next time you are in that area, please go to a restaurant called Asian House on Wickham St in the valley. It too is basic and loud, and very similar to the restaurants around it. HOWEVER. They have a dish on the Chefs Special part of the menu called 'Imperial Fillet Steak'.

This is one of the best asian dishes i have ever had, nay, one of the best DISHES ever. We have converted many friends to this, and they demand we go there to get this dish whenever they visit. It is delicious. The other dishes there are good, but nothing different to the other places surrounding. This dish makes it worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

BBQ Pork white people food? Someone is kidding themselves with their pretend food knowledge. Char-Siu is from South East China and originated there in the middle ages!

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