Friday, September 11, 2009

EcoBug- UQ

Earlier in the year I stumbled across a little ecobug sign at the St Lucia University of QLD campus. I went down two flights of stairs only to find a dark little room all closed up. Obviously, being the curious type, I kept coming back but it always seemed to be closed. I had forgotten all about the Ecobug until I saw a little blackboard once again advertising that ' EcoBug has the tastiest pies.'

I was very happy to find that Ecobug is actually an organic food co-op running from UQ!!! Even better- they operate to serve a student market- so student prices!! Ecobug is located down two flights of stairs in a dingey little dark room. The furniture is a little remisicent of a 1970's lounge bar, but dont be put off. The food, and the ethos behind the food is just fabulous. There was quite a few people sitting around just chilling out. They had browines and hot food on offer and I bought one brownie to give it a try (sorry no photo because I ate it too quickly.) It was rich and delicious and what made me happiest was that it was supporting a good cause.

Excited about my new find, I decided to come back and take a few photos to tell you all about it. When I got back to the Ecobug, it was open again, and a really helpful girl (it was only her first day) did her best to accomodate my requests for more info and let me take some photos.
Upon my return I found they also stock a range of drinks - Charlie's Honest Quencher Old fashioned Lemonade (which is yum yum and $2.50!), nuts and dried fruit, grocery items like felafel mix, as well as browines ($2) and the hot pies and veggie rolls($3.50).

I was sad to see that I missed the full moon fiesta that Ecobug hosted earlier in the month, and hope that they have another function sometime soon. It is really great to see that students have taken matters into their own hands and are so passionate about providing organic options for other students. Obviously they run using volunteers and I'm quite sure they could do with some more help- so if you are interested contact them at the Ecobug store or through their website which is
Let me know if you know about any other secret little places just like this one!!
under the Schonnell Theatre, downstairs from the Pizza Cafe, and across from the Mac store
University of QLD, St Lucia Campus
St Lucia QLD 4072

A bit about the co-op (taken from their website):Ecobug Food Co-operative is a place where you can find delicious foods with an emphasis on being organic and local but all at STUDENT PRICES! We stock dried fruit, nuts, snacks, refreshing drinks, canned goods, pasta, tea, coffee and a whole range of yummy treats ready to eat. Also delectable brownies and gourmet Byron Bay pies!You'll also find some comfy couches and plenty of friendly faces.

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Kim said...

I didn't even know this place existed - good one Gal

alexab said...

do you know if eco bug is still there?

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