Monday, September 7, 2009

Cloudland, Cloudland, Cloudland

Cloudland is the hottest new (relatively new- 9 months old now) club to hit Brisbane since .... ever. It is so cool, it is almost out of place in Brisbane and is basically on par with some of the world's best venues. The club is rumoured to have cost somewhere in the region of a cool $10 million, and once you step inside the front door- it is not hard to imagine where the money went


Basically Cloudland's design is like nothing I have ever seen before- it features huge statues, real floor to ceiling plants, a retractable glass roof, a massive marble bar downstairs and a glass bauble bar upstairs. Everything down to the cushions that light up and the mirroered bathroom hallways scream 'look at me'. You really do have to see it to believe it, and the venue is nothing short of ostentatiously spectacular.

However, we all know I am here to blog about the food and unfortunately the bar snacks and cocktails didn't ooze the same cool factor as the venue.

We ordered the salt and pepper tofu, $7, the herb and parmesan arancini, $7.00, and the peking duck spring rolls, $9.

The salt and pepper tofu was quite bad. The whole piece of tofu was chewy and It tasted burnt and way too salty and was served as unappetising brown lumps.

The herb and parmesan arancini was not repulsive, but there was no vah voom, and they were, quite frankly, very bland.

The peking duck spring rolls were an exception and were served hot and crispy with delicious duck inside. These would not have been out of place at a top-notch Yum Cha restaurant.

My PIE's (partner's in eating) and I ordered cocktails. The cocktail menu is unique and interesting featuring several cloudland house cockails. I ordered a lychee and rose martini for and a passionfruit mohito, whilst my PIE's sipped on an espresso and caramel martini and a peach and passion bellini. My martini was good, although also lacked serious punch, and tasted mainly of rose without the lychee. My mohito had good flavoured that meshed well, and was fruity and fresh but I didn't love it. Certainly drinkable but nothing fantastic. My PIE's expressed basically the same sentiment. There was nothing really wrong with their drinks, but nothing really outstanding either. When you are paying between $14-$20 per drink, I think it is reasonable to assume that the cocktails would be, at the very least, very nice.

Then comes the service.... which can be basically summed up in one word.... appalling. We waited at the upstairs bar for at least 10 minutes to receive a menu and even then, the bar tenders were aloof and uncaring. There were plenty of staff working and the place was quiet, given it was a Sunday afternoon/evening but they just didn't seem to be serving anyone with great speed or with much care for their customers. I stood at the bar for another ten minutes whilst two of the wait staff chatted to each other before they decided it was time to serve me. It annoys me when staff treat you differently because of your age- much of the time they don't realise that under 30's can also be discerning customers. I'm actually not quite sure whether this the issue in this circumstance, or if it was just because the bar staff were having far too nice a time to bother serving. To be fair, there were a few waitresses walking around taking orders and they were polite and speedy, but the rest of the staff were in go slow, rude mode.

Clouldland is a spectacular venue so go there to check it out, but the cocktails and bar menu definately lacked the spark that is so apparent through the rest of the venue.

Have you been hanging out at Cloudland or any new clubs in your city? What have your experiences been? Let me know.

641 Ann Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

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Sue said...

Sounds like a good place for a cocktail. Can you please try out the margaritas for me next time so I can live vicariously?

Ally said...

That bad service thing is so typical in places like Cloudland-if it's not the attitude you got, it's a "we're too cool for school" vibe.

Cloudland, I know you're trendy, but come on.

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